How To Treat Acne With Essential Oils

Acne is a common skin condition.

In teenagers It happens due to a hormonal imbalance that causes the Skin’s oil glands to produce excess sebum or oil.

This oil combines with the dead skin cells and causes blockage in the skin pores leading to redness and inflammation.

Causes such as poor diet stress and certain medications can lead to acne at any age.

Women may experience it due to hormonal changes in adolescence and the perimenopausal phase of their life.

Symptoms of acne include:

  • whiteheads
  • blackheads
  • And pimples with pus that might later develop into cysts.

This condition can eventually leave scars and hence it’s important to address it as soon as possible.

How To Treat Acne With Essential Oils

Let us now make an aromatherapy blend using essential oils that not only cleanses and cures but also eliminates possible triggers of acne.

The essential oils in this mixture have antiseptic antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that treat the infection.

It also has properties that control excess production of oil.

So for this blend you need:

  • A 1 ounce glass Amber blue or green bottle and have the Amber.
  • Start by putting four drops of helichrysum in the bottle. Helichrysum helps to regenerate the skin tissue and can prevent scarring
  • Then add 4 drops of German chamomile or what is referred to as blue chamomile. And this will really provide relief from itching.
  • Take two drops of tea tree and drop them into the amber
  • And two drops of geranium oil

Then fill the remaining bottle with jojoba oil.

I love jojoba oil because it absorbs very easily into the skin.

So you cap the bottle and then roll it in the hand to blend all the ingredients together.

Then you can take 4 drops of this into the palm of your hand and you can apply it to your face.

For best results, use after you’ve cleansed for the best results.

You can just use a cotton ball and apply with that if you don’t want to lightly massage in with your hands.

So stress flares up on the skin, and its this important to practice relaxation techniques such as meditation everyday.

Sit in a quiet place and take two drops of lavender.

Lavender or chamomile in your palm or on a tissue and inhale as you pay attention to your breathing.

Do this for about 10 minutes twice a day to get the best results on the chin and face area.


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